Windows tablet and what you need to know

Before look at windows tablet. Its good to note that Bill Gates, the ex-CEO of Microsoft computers said earlier this year that we are in the golden age of computer science, which is very true.

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With so many new technological devices available to us like smart phones, smart TV's, tablets, smart watches, and soon thanks to Google, smart eye glasses, there is no arguing with his comment.

One of the new devices are the new Microsoft Windows tablet, they are Microsoft's answer to Apple's iPad. Unlike the iPad and other available tablets, Windows doesn't just have regular tablets; they also have tablets that are a laptop and tablet hybrid.

They are designed to stand alone like other tablets, and become mini laptops because they come with detachable keyboards which make it easier to type, and have ports that can be used to connect them to external monitors or keyboards or other accessories.

Types of Windows tablet

Microsoft recently released the Surface 2 and Surface 2 pro; they are the first two windows tablet with the new windows 8 operating system.

The Surface tablets keep the familiarity of the Windows desktop, which convenient for people that have PC's that use the Windows operating system.

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They have a great battery life, and come with touch screen versions of Microsoft Office and Outlook. They have a faster processor, three USB ports, a two position kickstand, and comes with a detachable keyboard.

It can also be shared by friends or family members because you can create multiple accounts and keep your stuff separated.

The Dell Latitude 10 is one of the hybrid tablets powered by Windows; it is geared towards business professionals and runs the full version of Windows 8. It has four USB ports, and can also be connected to an external monitor and keyboard.

It comes with 32 GB of storage, and also has a great battery life, and the ability to switch out the battery for a spare one if you are running out of power and don't have a place to charge it.

Reasons to buy a Windows tablet over Android or iOS

Even though the iPad and Android tablets have been around longer, Windows tablets have some features that make them stand out over their counterparts.

Windows tablet has the ability to have multiple users, this is important especially for families because you don't have to buy multiple tablets, everyone can create their own user profile and share one tablet.

This is a function the iPad and Android tablets don't have.

The ability to encrypt files is also not available on iPads and Androids. Having this ability protects you against theft because you stored files will not be accessible.

The ability to use any browser is important to people who are used to certain browsers like Chrome or Safari, tablet pc Windows allow you to use any browser you want.

You can basically do everything you can on your PC on the windows tablet, which is great, the iPad and Android tablets are limited in that regard.

These are just a few examples of Windows tablet and what makes them the best tablet on the market, you can get more information to help you decide which Windows tablet meets your needs online.

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