Why should I choose Verizon Prepaid Plan

Have you ever thought of owning a verizon prepaid plan? Well, Verizon is one the leading cell phone providers in the nation and offers various verizon wireless plans to cater for needs of many.

This cell phone company has almost 70 million of clients, and its network has drawn popularity accross the nation with the company extending its network coverage to all the locations in the country.

verizon prepaid

Verizon prepaid plans available in three options, are lucrative to the clients. The fundamental plan costs 10 cents per minute and every day entry fee is only 99 cents.

Basically, the verizon prepaid plans ensures that clients have limitless calls over their phones with clients paying only for time they use the services or sometimes on appeal. Verizon prepaid phones includes unlimited calling during the night and just minutes from 9:01pm to 5: 59am.

All other phone calls will have a rate of 5 cents per minute for prepaid calls.

Indepth look at Verizon prepaid plans

Verizon wireless enables you also to make international calls. However, they charge the highest cost per minute to meet further Verizon prepaid plans, and users willing or wishing to make international calls will have the highest chance of calling the customer care to confirm on the exact international rates.

The customer care services comes free of charge with fast and professional officer handling your case regardles of the time, you can always reach out for assistance.

Day by day, over 100 million people all-around the globe rely on Verizon prepaid phones. Verizon broadband with a high speed Internet connection gives the best value, from $ 14.99 per month! Pay less and have the benefit of more speed for a low down price.

Check out their new enhanced Web plan, which competes with Verizon for country wide cable Internet plans and with a dedicated line. The service will not slow down just for the purpose that your neighbors are online or you are in a public place.

Some of Verizon prepaid plans

Some of other Verizon wireless plans include;

  • For basic phones, the monthly charges start at $35 for 500 anytime minutes, unlimited text and picture messaging, and also not forgetting unlimited data.
  • $50 best value plan comes with great features such as unlimited data, unlimited text/picture messaging, unlimited mobile to mobile calling and also unlimited anytime minutes.

  • What if you own a smartphone?
  • $60 monthly plan enables you to have unlimited anytime minutes, unlimited mobile to mobile calling , text/picture messaging, and a 2 GB data plan.
  • $70 best value plan comes with unlimited talk, text/picture messaging and a 4 GB data plan.

More about Verizon prepaid plans

Check out the Verizon Prepaid retail desks at various locations to get the best offers and discounts.

For example, they might be supplying an "accessory package" that includes headsets with Bluetooth features free of charge to the customers as well, due to high competition in the cell phone market, getting special offers for Verizon Prepaid Wireless, one needs to time perfectly when offers are being released and maximize such an opportunity.

Verizon wireless plans will let people to distinguish exactly how much they spend each month and if they lack the minutes or money on their accounts, they can just add more online, at vend location or by phone. You don't have to worry any more if your loved ones are in other countries.

Verizon Prepaid Wireless has introduced the best SMS ratings in the market to the international community. as well, you will be able to make post-pay call, although you bill might not reflect the actual amount you have used, this service operates at fixed price which is most preferred by numerous clients.

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