Understanding US cellular plans

US cellular is among the leading cell phone companies in the nation offering a wide range of mobile services to over 5.2 million customers in the nation and around the world. This cell phone provider has been in the telecommunication business for a long period of time since the time it was founded in 1983.

US cellular

When it comes to shopping for cell phone plans, US cellular is one of the one areas to look for plans. So the next question is what kind of plans is offered by this cell phone provider?

Well, let us have a look at some of the plans and see if it can fit your needs or budget;

  • Share plans, with this plans you will be in a position to determine how much data you really need based on your needs and even those of your family. The plan comes with unlimited talk, unlimited messaging and also data tethering.
  • To understand what tethering is, this is a technique where one can connect to internet enabled smartphone or cell phone to another device for example via a data cable for the purposes of accessing internet or even sharing it.

    Some people prefer tethering simple because the phone screen which is not large enough to serve them when browsing internet prefer large screen such as that of a laptop.

    Their shared plans start from 40 dollars per month for 300MB to up 560 dollars per month for 75GB.

  • Text and talk only plans which enable you to get in touch with the world comes in different versions for example 100 dollars plan per month gives you family talk of 1000 minutes and unlimited text and some daily data.

  • The 50 dollars plan which is a single line talk and text gives you 450 talk minutes and unlimited text and some daily data.

  • The last one under this category is home phone unlimited talk which goes for 19.99 dollars per month.

Prepaid Plans

US cellular prepaid plans include unlimited talk, messaging and 2 GB data access for 65 dollars per month.

Also there is 50 dollars plan which comes with unlimited minutes and messaging plus 1GB of data.

Other prepaid plans include talk for 400 minutes and 400 text, and 400 pics for 35 dollars per month and comes with activation fee of 20 dollars.

If you prefer talk only, then there is a plan for only 10 dollars and comes with activation fee of 50 dollars.

Data Plans

When it comes to data plan, the rates start at 5 dollars a month for Slight byte up to 335 dollars per month for mammoth byte.

There also other charges called connection charge for devices apart from the plan cost and it includes 40 dollars per month for smartphone, 30 dollars for basic phone, 10 dollars for tablet, 20 dollars for wireless modem and not forgetting 20 dollars per month for mobile hot spot.

Now that we have looked at US cellular plans, I think it's vital to do your homework and see whether the plan you are choosing is worth it and maybe there might be better options such as Tmobile, At&t, Sprint and many others. In my opinion I think US cellular seems expensive with limited options.

Share your experience about cell phone plans you have had with others!

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