What I Didn't Know About Unlimited Data Plans

Cell phone providers or rather cell phone companies have come a long way from the days when they only offered separate services, you could buy 450 minutes of talk time for $60-$70, and then pay a little bit extra for the ability to send and receive text messages.

To add internet services was another expense, and most people were looking at $100 cell phone bill a month, sometimes more if you go over your minutes.

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Today, because of the rising competition in the cell phone market, a lot of the companies offer unlimited data plan at a reasonable rate hence not hard to find best phone plans to meet your needs.

Unlimited data plan consist of the bundling of your phone minutes, or talk time, texting, and data services. All three are bundled together at a flat rate, and is cheaper than paying separately for all three services.

There are so many options to choose from when it comes to getting an unlimited cell phone plans, you have to take your time and choose which one best fits your need, and wallet.

A deeper look at unlimite data plan

The major companies like AT&T , Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon have the best coverage, so if you are someone that travels a lot, they may be your best option.

They try to entice new customers with big discounts on the latest phones, the catch is that you have to sign a contract, which is two years in most cases, and you will pay a hefty cancellation fee if you try to get out of the contract.

AT&T no longer offers unlimited data plan for smartphones; it is only available for non smartphones unless you had an unlimited phone plan with them before they changed the rules.

They now offer unlimited talk and messaging with a shared data plan, which can ranges from 300MB for $20 per month, and goes up to 50GB for $500 per month. If you go over your monthly data, the data speed will be reduced; you won't really notice it until you try to stream a video on your phone.

Sprint has a $110 unlimited plan, it includes unlimited calls, messaging, data, and 5G mobile hotspot. For people that can't afford to pay $110 monthly on a phone plan, Sprint offers a $50 plan, which includes talk and messages. You can add unlimited data for an extra $30.

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They also offer discounted cell phones for phones for new customers who sign two year contracts.

T-Mobile is a little different from the other cell phone companies, you only pay $40 to get a state of the art phone, and they break the rest of the cost down into 24 payments, if you break the contract you will have to pay the remaining balance on the phone.

Their unlimited plan costs $70 per month, and there are no overages, or reduced speed.

If you don't want to pay for a phone, you can bring your own phone, and pay $50 per month on a prepaid plan, with 500MB of data a month that slows down if you use more than the 500MB.

You also don't have to sign a contract, which means you can leave whenever you want without paying any termination fees.

More on unlimited data plan

Verizon also gives their customers the option of getting a big discount on their new phones while signing a two year contract, or allowing them to pay the full price in installments over 24 months with the Verizon edge program.

They have packages similar to AT&T, in the sense that their data plan ranges from $40 for unlimited talk and messaging plus 500MB of data, to $375 for unlimited talk and messaging plus 50GB of data. They also charge a $15 fee every time you go over your data.

To choose the right phone company, you have to decide if you want to sign a contract; it is a decision to be taken seriously because it would cost a lot of money to get out of.

You should also look at the plans they offer, and make sure they are no hidden fees, live Verizon has charging $15 for going over the data plan while the other companies only reduce your speed.

Another alternative is getting more information about other companies that offer cheap unlimited phone plans, like Cricket, Metro PCS, and Boost mobile, they don't have the nationwide coverage the established companies like AT&T do, but they are worth a look for someone trying to save money on their cell phone bill.

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