Tmobile plans and how to choose the right one

Tmobile plans comes in various forms or packages,and the company decided to try something different than the other cell phone companies earlier this year;by discontinueing the idea of customers signing contracts.

The other major cell phone companies make their customers sign a two-year contract, to get a discount on the full price of a cell phone they want to buy.

T mobile plans

There are many issues with signing a two-year contract, one of which is that it is unreasonably long, most people that rent apartments sign a one year lease because it gives them a little flexibility if they decide to move.

Most cell phone companies don't want their customers to have any flexibility, and probably make them sign two-year contracts because they know a lot of customers will break them, which lines their pockets up with more cash because they will charge the customers a high contract termination fee.

T-Mobile has decided to do business another way, they have expanded the types of phones they can now sell, including the iPhone 5. Instead of giving customers a discount on the price, they ask customers to put down a $100 deposit, and pay off the phone in installments for 24 months.

The amount a customer has to deposit depends on a credit check.

Being one of the cell phone providers, has changed its Tmobile plans for they don't offer contracts anymore, so all plans are considered prepaid.

There are three Tmobile plans for individuals offered by the company, it includes:

  • The $50 plan: This plan gives the customer unlimited talk and messaging, plus 500 MB of data. There are no overage charges if you use more than the 500MB allowed per month, just reduced speeds on your phone which you won't really notice unless you are trying to watch a video.
  • This plan includes 20 webpage views a day, and allows you to send 100 e-mails a day.

  • The $60 plan: This plan also gives the customer unlimited talk and messaging, plus 2.5 GB of data. There are also no overage fees.
  • This plan allows you to make 60 posts on social media per day, one and a half hours of video streaming a day, and GPS which can come in handy if you are lost.

  • The $70 plan: This is the totally unlimited plan, your data speed doesn't slow down, there are no restrictions on how many web pages you can view, or how many e-mails you can send, or how many posts you can make on social media. You also get 2.5 GB of the mobile hotspot service.
  • These Tmobile plans costs do not include the price of the phone you buy, which will be added to your bill each month.

Tmobile shared plans

The T-mobile shared plan is very similar to the individual plan, you can have up to five lines on the plan, the second line costs an additional $30 a month, and every line after that costs $10 extra.

The difference between the individual and shared Tmobile plans is that the primary line is the one that gets the extra data speed and benefits, while the other lines share the same data.

The $50 plan - All the lines on this plan have unlimited talk and messaging, and they all share 500 MB of data, which slows down if over 500 MB is used in a month.

The $60 plan -The primary line gets unlimited talk and messaging, and 2.5 GB of data, while the other lines on the line have unlimited talk and messaging, and share 500 MB of data.

The $70 plan -The primary line gets totally unlimited talk, messaging and data, and 2.5 GB of mobile hotspot services, while the other lines have unlimited talk and messages, and share 500MB of data.

The prices of all the phones will be added to the total bill, unless all the phones weren't bought from T-Mobile.

Other cell phone plans include T mobile Prepaid plans which comes with unlimited web, messaging and also talk minutes of 100. Alternatively you can choose the same plan which comes with 30MB of data plus 1500 minutes for both text and talk.

Now that we have looked at various tmobile plans, its now upon you to choose the right mobile phone plans/plan that best fits your needs without breaking or denting your pocket.

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