Affordable Sprint prepaid plans

Have you ever considered Sprint prepaid plans? It is no surprise that many people nowadays are opting for prepaid cell phone plans instead of the contract plans, and one of the reason being there are better deals that are being offered by various cell phone companies and not forgetting the flexibility of changing providers without incurring cost.

With prepaid plans , you can either have a monthly fee that you will have selected at the time of joining the plan for example you can have 35 dollars prepaid fee for unlimited talk, text and data per month , and you can reload the minutes.

Or on the other hand you can purchase a package of minutes to utilize at your own convenience, and once you run out of the minutes you just add more at a click of a button.

If you are a heavy mobile user, then I would recommend a flat prepaid fee per month which is available at various cell phone companies for unlimited talk, text and also data.

I do not know about you, but personally I have been a devoted user of prepaid cell phone plans for the simple reason that I find them to be affordable and serving my needs, for instance my current prepaid cell phone in going for only 35 dollars for unlimited talk, text and data.

A look at Sprint prepaid plans

Today I want us to take a look at Sprint prepaid plans and see what this cell phone provider has in store. Through my little research, I have realized that Sprint offers various prepaid plans that can serve your needs better for instance;

  • Sprint pay as you go basic phone plan – this 35 dollars Sprint prepaid plan for basic phone gives you 500 talk time minutes, roaming services, long distance domestic calls, unlimited messaging and most importantly unlimited data on its network.

  • Unlimited prepaid plan for 50 dollars gives you unlimited talk time, roaming and domestic long distance, unlimited messaging and also unlimited data on its Sprint network.

  • For Smartphone user like me, the Sprint prepaid plan for 45 dollars gives you unlimited talk, messaging however there is no unlimited data for this plan.

  • Smartphone unlimited data, this plan which goes for 60 dollars gives you unlimited anytime talk minutes, roaming and domestic long distance, unlimited messaging and not forgetting unlimited data on its Sprint network.

Remember when it comes to selecting cell phone plan from whichever cell phone Company, it is important to consider factors such as coverage and also cost of plans like are there any hidden fees?

The Sprint coverage map covers across and around the nation thanks to its quality network which ensures good signal quality and roaming services.

And should you have any queries concerning Sprint prepaid plans, you can always reach the Sprint customer service via email or customer number.

Share your personal experience about Sprint prepaid plans you have used!

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