What you need to know about Simple mobile plans

Have you ever heard of Simple mobile provider or even plans? I will let you answer that, there are so many cell phone providers out there today and some of them are offering exceptional services but unfortunately many seems to be under the radar from public.

In my case I have had many cell phone plans in the past and sometimes I feel like I have been "dating" cell phone companies in a bid to try to find the right plan to suit my needs.

simple mobile

Currently I am using a cell phone provider called Gosmart Mobile which is a prepaid plan for 35 dollars and it gives me unlimited talk, text and data, and loving the experience so far.

However, today I want us to take a look at this guy in the block called Simple mobile, this cell provider for starters provide a more affordable and also people friendly prepaid plans.

The plan which comes in various rates gives you unlimited talk, local and international messaging and not forgetting unlimited data plans.

It is important to note that their network is Global systems for mobile (GSM) which means if you plan to subscribe to their plans by buying your own unlocked cell phone, then you phone has to be  GSM and once you get that, then just get the Simple mobile simcard , load the minutes and activate it. Otherwise you can opt for simple mobile phones with simcard as a package.

And once you do that, you will be ready to get in touch with the world any time of the day.

Simple mobile plans

Simple mobile also has good network coverage across the nation therefore you do not have to worry about being out of range or poor signals.

So what are the available cell phone plans from Simple mobile? Well, let us have a look at them one by one and see if it best fit your needs;

  • 25 dollars plan, with this simple mobile plan, you get 15 days of unlimited talk, unlimited text for both local and international destinations, and not forgetting unlimited data.

  • 40 dollars plan which allows you to have unlimited talk minutes for 30 days, unlimited text for both local and international, and get your first 1GB of data at 4G speed.

  • 50 dollars simple mobile plan gives you 30 days of unlimited talk, text local and international, and not forgetting that you get your first 3GB of data at 4G speed.

  • For 60 dollars simple mobile prepaid plan, you get your first 5GB of data at 4G speed, unlimited text both local and international and also unlimited 30 days of talk which is basically a month.

Unlimited plans

Simple mobile also offers unlimited plans for international calls such as;

  • A 50 dollars plan which gives you 30 days of unlimited talk, text, international texting and data.

  • 60 dollars plan allows you to have a 30 day unlimited talk ,text both local and international and you also get the first 3GB at 4G speed.

  • And for the 70 dollars simple prepaid plan, you get 30 days of unlimited calls, text both local and international and also you get the first 5GB of data at 4G speed.

On the other hand , if you need wireless broadband plans for like tablet, netbook or use modem, then Simple mobile has plans for you starting at 25 dollars for 750MB  with no contract or you can choose 45 dollars plan which gives you 2GB and also without contract.

Now that we have looked at cell phone provider Simple mobile, one thing that I like about their plans is the idea of international texting which is included in their plan, and I should start checking out. My current provider don't offer international texting,

Should you have any queries that needs to be addressed,then you can always reach Simple mobile customer service through email or alternatively you can utilize Simple customer service number.

I have families and friends living abroad and need to be texting them. What do you think about the Simple mobile plans?

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