Scanners And How To Maximize Their Features

Scanners are honestly one of the greatest things ever invented. That is a strong statement that I can back up easily. Before scanners became available on almost all printers, the best tool people had to transact business quickly were fax machines.

Fax machines were also not too common, and people had to go to business centers or their jobs to send or receive a fax.

With the fax machines, you had to deal with clarity issues, because the cheaper machines created blurry images. You also had to deal with paying extra for long distance or international faxes, even when you received a confirmation receipt from the place you sent the fax, there were no guarantees they got there.

Those are just a few of the reasons I believe scanners are great.

Today you don't have to go through all that stress to do business, you can sign a contract and scan it and send it back anywhere in the world in 5 minutes without ever leaving your desk, you can also scan copies of your important documents and keep them on your computer or storage device, instead of printing them and losing the paper somewhere.

What To Look For In A Scanner

This depends on what you are trying to accomplish, for someone like me, I had a problem getting rid of paperwork and receipts. My desks and cabinets were very unorganized so I decided to get a document scanner. This is the reason for my love of scanners because it scanned every last piece of paper I had cluttering my office, and I managed to organize them on my PC.

I got one with an automatic feeder because there was no way I was going to sit there and feed it page by page. It also didn't take as long as I thought it would because it goes through about 20 pages per minute.

While the resolution of my document scanner is great for my paperwork, it isn't as good for scanning pictures, so don't get a document scanner if you plan to scan pictures.

Most scanners can be connected to your network at home or at work, or you can connect them to your device using a USB cable.

If you are one of the people that are always on the go, you need to consider getting a portable scanner, these can scan almost any size documents, from business cards, receipts, and larger documents, some even scan legal sized documents. You have to make sure the one you buy can handle your workload.

If you want a scanner for pictures, make sure you get one with a flat bed, because the scanners with the feeders can ruin the picture you are trying to scan. You should also get a scanner with a 4800 ppi optimal resolution to get the best quality from your scanner.

A lot of scanners already come pre-loaded with software like Optical Character Recognition and Adobe Acrobat, so you don't have to buy them separately, especially since they can be quite expensive. You should check the software that comes with a scanner before buying it so you know it will fit your needs.

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