iPage cheap website hosting

I recently got a question from a long term friend of mine who asked me.....

"iPage webhosting site seems to be one of the best around, and especially from the reviews of many users. What do you think about iPage as I want to host my new websites?"

To be honest, I gave him my true picture of iPage, which is great and reliable web hosting company available not forgetting it's affordable in that you just need a few bucks like 2 dollars per month and you are ready to go.

iPage site builder banner

I decided to give him some important points that one needs to consider when shopping for a web hosting or even cheap web hosting site without having to compromise the quality of service.

And these are;

It has to be reliable and provide good access speed - You need to make sure that the web hosting site or company in that matter should be reliable at all times and fast when access webpages, it should be in a position to guarantee its customers or clients uptime. iPage 75% off Coupon Code: ONSALE And always look for something like 99.5% uptime and above as you know when it comes to online matters like online business, time is money and just a few hours of downtime can really dent your pocket in terms of revenue coming in.

Disk space or storage - get to know your space need when you planning your website and question like what type of website am I intending to own and even future expansion?

Remember images and multimedia takes lots of storage space unlike pure html pages which take very little space.

Most of websites that do not host or store videos, music and even images may just need something like 30mb of web space, but if it is a social network site where users can be adding images and multimedia, then that is a different story altogether and you will need a lot of space. So know your needs beforehand.

Data transfer which is normally noted as Transfer/bandwidth - this basically talks about the amount of bytes transferred from your site from where it is hosted to visitors when they type in your url address on their browser like Firefox, Chrome, Safari and many more.

There are factors that can affect load times on a webpage for example a webpage loaded with lots of images and multimedia may load slower compared to pure text webpage.

Therefore having a big storage can be good given that websites grow over time just like a child to an adult; since new content will keep on being added.

Technical support - you need to find out does your webhosting site offer 24/7 support throughout the year. Things happen, and during that time when you are having trouble with your website, someone on the other end, need to be there to help resolve the issues and have operations back to normal.

Check how long they take to respond and this should be in seconds and not days as to me that is crazy!

These are some of the few issues that one needs to check, others include;

  • SSL (secure server)
  • Email, autoresponders,POP3, mail forwarding
  • Payment plans like monthly, quarterly or even annual plans
  • Price of the plan
  • Web server and operating system like Linux, PHP,ASP and many more
  • Multiple domain hosting and even sub-domains

And surprisingly iPage provide these services at an affordable rate and you can take advantage of it.

Now back to iPage and let's continue from where we had left and look at the features of iPage webhosting site.

Features and benefits of iPage

  • Offers unlimited disk space, bandwidth, e-mail addresses
  • Free domain registration
  • Free security suite
  • Free tools to help you build your website
  • Free online store which I think is a plus
  • Free search engine and even marketing credits of a $300 value
  • Anytime money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the service
  • Transfer domain for free

iPage accommodate both the novice web users to the seasoned webmasters, and that means support will be there to see you through in your process of setting up your website and enjoying the world of web publishing.

Final thoughts

As you can see, iPage is one of the great web hosting sites and also cheapest web hosting available out there.

iPage 75% off Coupon Code: ONSALE And if you too are in need of an affordable, reliable and straightforward solution for both personal and business website, then iPage is your perfect choice. With its enormous features to help you in your journey, the work will be on your side to play your part.