Godaddy web hosting review

Many web-hosting companies exist around the world but GoDaddy is one of the most recognizable companies in this business or industry. Founded in 1997, the company now handles over fifty million domains.

This represents a huge share of the global market. The entire market boasts of about two hundred and fifty million domains. This means that GoDaddy controls about twenty percent of the world’s web-domain market.

There are many reasons why it is this successful at what it does. You should know some of these reasons. They can help you decide whether GoDaddy is a good web host for you. Here is a comprehensive GoDaddy web hosting review. Use it to make a wise decision.

Godaddy features at glance
  • Free domain
  • 99.9% guaranteed uptime
  • Flexible and easy to use control panel
  • Unlimited disk space
  • 100GB disk space
  • $3.99/mo
  • $100 Google Ad Credits
  • $50 Facebook Ad Credits
  • $50 Yahoo/Bing Credits

Customer Service

Customer service is an important business pillar in any service-oriented organization. Some companies take it seriously while others do not. GoDaddy happens to be one of the most responsive web hosting companies in the world.

It will handle your queries promptly, exhaustively and sufficiently.

You can reach them through their telephone contacts, email or live chat on their website. The support staff operates on a twenty-four hour basis, every day of the week.

This GoDaddy review learnt that GoDaddy has a chat forum where you can meet other GoDaddy customers. You can actually share your ideas and concerns with these fellow customers on this forum.

Domain Management Tools and Services

Many website owners do not have a background in web design or web management. These owners are simply business-people who want to sell a product or provide a service online.

This is why they need easy-to-use technical tools.

They can use these tools to manage their domains without hiring a third party to do so. Many web-hosting companies do not offer these vital tools to their clients. GoDaddy is quite different. It offers you a variety of domain management tools and services.

These tools include add-ons and a one-page website that you can use to personalize your web-domain.

The Price Is Reasonable

Price is a sensitive issue in today's economy. You should not pay a single cent higher for a product or service. Unfortunately, paying exorbitant prices for simple products happens to many people. It should not happen to you.

GoDaddy reviews show that GoDaddy can be as much as seventy percent lower in price than other web hosting companies can. Why go for host that is so expensive. Register your .com or .org domain on GoDaddy for as little as $15.

"Action is the foundational key to all success". ~ Pablo Picasso

You can also purchase an SSL certificate for an annual fee of $49 or $99 while setting up an email plan will cost you less than $1.

These are just some of the services that GoDaddy offers. Other services include website development, virus protection and spam protection. The company allows you to choose a web-hosting package that you can afford.

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These packages include economy, deluxe and premium packages. Each of them comes with varied features to suit your every need including tailor made templates, marketing tools and email accounts.

As you can now see, this comprehensive GoDaddy review shows that GoDaddy is the best web hosting company you can find anywhere in the world. Do you have a website or blog in mind? If yes, take action and make it a reality today with Godaddy.