Colour laser printer-A look at some of the best in the market

Today we going to look at colour laser printer. Printers have come a long way since the days of black and white prints, the introduction of colour printers changed the way business was done, because it allowed people to add some flair to their presentations and other work, the use of colour helped to highlight important parts of documents, it also allowed people to be able to print pictures.

Today almost all printers can print in black and white and colour, inkjet printers are usually the cheapest you can buy, and they do a good job, especially if you are not too concerned about the quality of the prints. If you are like me, and have some interest in photography, inkjet colour printers do not get the job done.

colour laser printer

The best type of printer to buy if you want the best quality prints are colour laser printers. The first advantage colour laser printers have over inkjet printers is the speed, laser printers print faster than inkjets so you don't have to wait as long to get your print out. Another advantage of the laser printer is the print out, the quality of the prints are so much better than the inkjet.

If you are looking for a colour laser printer, some of the best on the market are:

The HP Laserjet Pro 100 Color MFP: This is ideal for home use because of its speed, the quality of the colour printing is top notch, it has wireless capabilities, so you can access it from any computer in your network. You can also print from your mobile devices using ePrint.

This colour laser printer also allows you to print without a PC with the LCD control panel. It is priced on the high end at $350.

Canon Color imageCLASS LBP7660cdn: If you are going to spend money on a colour laser printer, it might as well be this one. This printer has the speed you would expect from a professional colour laser printer.

It uses a single cartridge system that is cost-efficient to replenish, can be connected to a network with an Ethernet cable, or directly to a PC using a USB cable. It prints 21 pages per minute in colour and black and white, and can print on both sides of paper. It goes for $499, but it is money well spent.

The HP Laserjet Pro 200 color printer M251nw: This is another All-in-one laser colour printer; there is no practicality in buying a single function printer when the multi function printers cost just a little bit more.

The speed is much improved from the Pro 100 model, the pictures are very good quality, it prints 14 pages per minute. You can print from any computer on your network and also from your smart phone and mobile devices because it has ePrint. It also has a 3.5 inch touch screen control panel that allows you to print, scan, fax, and copy without a PC. It is a very affordable printer at $249.

These are some of the best colour laser printers on the market, they are more expensive than officejet printers because they produce better quality pictures, and are generally faster too.

There are other laser colour printers available to fit your budget, and you can get some more information about them online.

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