Brother Printers and why you should condsider one

Brother printers are the lesser known alternative to the name brand printers in the market like Hewlett Packard, Epson, Lexmark, and Cannon.

They make printers that do the same functions as the other brands do, at a cheaper price.

Why Buy a Brother Printer?

One of the things people don't know is that Brother has been making printers for quite some time, and they do have decades of experience in the market.

Brother also makes quality products, I have owned and used a Brother HL-5450DN for over a year, and haven't had a problem with it, it is a great all in one printer, which means it can make copies, scan documents, fax documents, and print. It is the right printer for me because I do a lot of work from home.

brother printers

The price of Brother Printers was one of the things that caught my eye, I compared the price of the printer I bought to the other brands that were most similar to it, and I realized I could save $120 if I bought the Brother printer.

Although I saved a lot of money by buying the Brother printer, the purchase wasn't about being cheap, it was about practicality. I read a lot online reviews from people who had bought their printers in the past, and they were mostly positive.

Besides it came with a warranty so I knew I could always return it if it broke down, and it hasn't yet.

Which Brother Printers Should You Buy?

Buying a printer depends on the amount of work you plan to do with the printer. If you are just going to print a few documents occasionally, and not much else, you can save a lot of money by buying something basic like the

Brother HL-2240 Monochrome Laser Printer: This is a single function printer, all you can do on it is print in color or black and white. It is the perfect printer if you don't need it to much work. At $49 it is also a great bargain.

For people who need a little more than printing from their printer, the Brother MFC-J450dw. This is an all in one printer, it prints, copies, scans, and faxes. It is a good printer for both home use and office use, the only negative is the printing speed isn't the fastest for office use.

You can connect and print from cloud, and use Wi-Fi to connect it to all the computers in your home or office network, you can also print documents from your mobile devices, and it only cost $59.

For a small business office, The Brother MFC 8910DW Monochrome Laser is one of the best printers you can get, it copies 42 pages per minute which is a great speed for a printer, it is also an all in one printer which faxes, scans, and also prints.

It has wireless capabilities so all the work computers can be connected to it, and allows you to print from cloud.

Don't let the low prices of Brother Printers fool you; they are just as good as the other brands in the market. If you are as skeptical as I was, go online and do the research yourself, they are highly recommended printers.

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