Bluehost webhosting review

I believe we all know or have an idea that publishing your new website or blog involves acquiring a server space where your website will reside, and uploading all your site related files such as web pages , images, multimedia and any other files required for your website.

When I first started publishing my websites, I thought it was a complicated process just like any other novice would think when you are starting out, but later on I realized it's a fun process especially when you finally see your product (website) is finally live.It's a special feeling I tell you!

The big question is what is the best web hosting company or web hosting packages available out there? Knowing this can determine a successful journey or a journey full of disappointments like constant downtime or even unresponsive customer service.

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So which web hosting site or cheapest web hosting company available out there without sacrificing the quality of service? In my own experience bluehost or is one of my favorite web hosting company and it has been in service since 1996 to date with excellent service to its clients.

Bluehost offers various services to its clients like for instance when you sign up with them, you have the opportunity to register your domain name with them for free which is normally uncommon offer by other web hosting sites, and I want us to have a deep look at what you will get when you sign up with Bluehost;

The benefits of web hosting with Bluehost

When you sign up, you will get;

  • Unlimited GB (Gigabyte) hosting space.
  • Unlimited domain hosting
  • Unlimited GB file transfer
  • Unlimited E-mail accounts
  • Free domain.
  • You get free site builder with templates.
  • Secure shell, SSL which is very important when you are a running e-commerce site and this provides secure transactions for your customers, FTP and Stats.
  • CGI, Ruby (Ruby on Rails), Perl, PHP, MySQL.
  • $100 bucks Google advertising offer.
  • And you also get 24/7 phone, chat , e-mail support which to me is vital.
  • $3.95/Month plan

Other benefits you will enjoy with blue host include;

  • Amazingly fast servers hence you will not have to worry about load times for your webpages or your website in general.
  • An average support hold time under 30 seconds which I think is more than reasonable.
  • The millions of users include myself demonstrate the trust they have on this web hosting company and its proven track record.
  • You can sign up in just less than 4 minutes and ready to go with your website.
  • No hidden fees unlike other companies perhaps you have experience with others for example when they say no hidden fees but when you receive your monthly or yearly statement you see funny figures.
  • And the best part is if you unsatisfied with the service, they will offer you anytime money back guarantee.

Now there you have it about bluehost webhosting packages,and I thought sharing about Bluehost will help others out there who want to venture into the exciting world of web publishing.

See How You Can Set Up a WordPress Blog in 15 Minutes

And if you too are in need of an affordable, reliable and straightforward solution for both personal and business website without meandering, then Bluehost is your perfect choice. With its enormous features to help you in your journey, the work will be now on your side to play your part.