What I didn't know about At&t prepaid plans

Have you ever used or even owned a at&t prepaid plan or phone? Well, nowadays there are so many cell phone companies which provide prepaid plans to facilitate our day to day communications, like for instance getting in touch with our loved ones or friends.

at&t prepaid plans

Maybe before we go on, I would like us to understand what a prepaid plan really is and whether it can suit your needs or not. In simple terms, prepaid plan which is offered by many cell phone companies such as At&t, T-Mobile, Verizon and many more, is a plan that basically doesn't require you to have a credit history, no credit card and no contract to use this service.

All you need to do is just find unlocked cell phone whether basic or smart phone which you can get from various outlets such as Amazon, then the next thing is to find the plan from various cell phone providers and choose the one that meets your need. Remember also that many providers sell both the cell phone and simcards.

More about At&t plans

That being said, myself I have been prepaid plan user ever since and if I can remember well, I started with At&t, then Tmobile and now Gosmart mobile. The beauty with prepaid plans is that you can switch prepaid plan anytime you wish, just as we change our clothing every day. Now I want us to look at At&t prepaid plans in depth and see what these guys have in store.

To start with, At&t cell phone provider has been in mobile business for a long time now with millions of subscribers using their various services like prepaid, contract plans, internet services and many more.

When it comes to At&t prepaid plans, most of its prepaid plans are referred to as gophone and the rates start as little 10cent per minute per use to up to 60 dollars a month plan together with unlimited data.

And the rates are aligned with the kind of phone you have for example the plans for basic phone that is if you will be just making calls and texting, then you can choose a plan starting with 10 cents per minute, 20 cents per text message.

Other basic plans of at&t prepaid include 2 dollars on the days you use, and this plan gives you unlimited calls across the entire nation, unlimited picture/video/and also text, and unlimited data.

If you decide to go with 25 dollars plan, then you will get 250 talk minutes, unlimited text/picture but when it comes to data, you will pay per use like 5 dollars data plan gives you 50mb.

35 dollar plan enables you to enjoy 500 minutes of talk time with unlimited text and picture messaging and not forgetting also the unlimited data plan. What if you want to spend a little more on a prepaid at&t plan, then going for 50 dollars prepaid plan will give you unlimited services that is talk, text/picture and data.

Prepaid plans

For smartphone owners like myself and I am not bragging, then the following plans will suit you;

  • 60 dollar plan will offer you an unlimited service that is talk, text/picture/video, and data. 50 dollar plan will allow you to enjoy unlimited services except for data plan which will only be Wi-Fi based.

  • For 40 dollar plan, you will get 500 minutes for talk, unlimited text and data plan of 200MB, should you feel that data plan is not enough; you can add more at the rate of 5 dollars per every 100MB.

  • The other plan I would like us to look at, is the 25 dollars prepaid plan which gives you 250 minutes of talk, unlimited text or messaging then a chargeable data of 5 dollars for every 50MB of data.

Points to consider

Now that we have looked at at&t wireless plans or you can call it at&t prepaid plans, It is important that you do your homework when it comes to selecting a prepaid plan, and what will play a big role in your decision making will be your;

  • Intended usage
  • Network coverage of your provider
  • Cost or rate charges of plan
  • Do you intend to have a basic or smart phone?

Personally like I said I am prepaid user, I have never had any issues with At&t prepaid plans when I was using their services and perhaps you can give it a short.

Remember once again, with prepaid, you can change the plans as you wish without incurring any fees or fines which are common with contract plans.

The beauty with At&t is its network coverage which is nationwide ,therefore no worry for poor signals like my Gosmart mobile.

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